Favorite films

  • Scream
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Superbad

Recent activity

  • Uncut Gems


  • The King of Comedy


  • Goodnight


  • No Country for Old Men


Recent reviews

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems




    If I didn’t get the ending spoiled then I think it would’ve been 5/5

    Adam Sandler’s performance in this was outstanding! 

    I turned this on in class while I was doing my work and it instantly entertained me so then I finished it when I got back home and damn this was a crazy suspenseful film and I will say and especially if you didn’t get it spoiled the ending comes out of no where it just happens.


  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy



    Here’s another great film by Martin Scorsese! This was a really entertaining film and I’m glad I watched it! The ending of this I also really loved! And great performance by Robert De Niro (Rupert Pupkin) oh and I love how Martin Scorsese had a small part in here as the TV director!
    I would recommend this film!

Popular reviews

  • Jackass 3D

    Jackass 3D



    After the re-watch I think this is my favorite of all the Jackass films! There’s a lot of funny and crazy stunts and stuff and I would just love to see this in 3D! This also has one of the best beginning and ending scenes ever! It’s so funny seeing Bam so scared of snakes lmao 😂 

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    Re-watched this movie this is a masterpiece 

    Cinematography 5/5
    Plot 5/5
    Acting 5/5
    Ending 5/5 
    Score 5/5 

    I’m my opinion  this is a amazing masterpiece film and, love it re-watching it was amazing, it’s been a little since I’ve seen it and god this is just a outstanding film. I think everyone should see this at least once in there life.