Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★½

Malcolm and Marie showcased a lot of talent. It was extremely captivating to watch both characters arguing back and forth and the reactions that went along with it. The black and white cinematography felt suitable, it kept the movie clean and made the setting feel just right with the pitch black darkness and light peaking through in white highlights. The camera work was impressive as well, no surprise. I think the story and the movie is very tailored to an audience keen about films and film making. There were plenty of film references and a lot of arguments and conversation based on the process and mind behind film making that may be hard to latch on to if you weren't that invested in films. I think it reigns entertaining if you enjoy a good performance and dynamic arguments on the personal struggles these two characters hold.

but seriously, are their voices okay, I just watched them straight up scream at each other for nearly two hours

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