Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★½

My first Mattei film, and certainly not the last.

One of the more well known hack jobs from infamous Italian exploitation duo Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso (of Troll 2 fame), Hell of the Living Dead or Zombie Creeping Flesh is a Frankenstein's monster of 80s horror tropes-military security teams, science gone wrong, chemical plant disasters, exotic locations, primitive tribes, and of course, zombies.

There are so many moments and things in this film lifted from other, better horror films-the one that instantly comes to mind is how the outfits of the soldiers are identical to the outfits of Peter and Roger from Dawn of the Dead. Hell, the guy playing Vincent looks a hell of a lot like Roger as well! Not only are costumes and scenes taken from Dawn of the Dead, so is a lot of the soundtrack! Which is fine, because the soundtrack is the, but I think it's pretty funny. A lot of the actual footage in this film isn't even from this film. There is a ton of documentary footage inserted in the middle portion of the movie, for God knows what reason. My favorite part is the incredibly shoehorned and hackneyed 'message' the filmmakers tried to hamfist in at the end.

This movie is a ton of fun. It's really bad, make no mistake-not only is the plot incredibly derivative, the dubbing is horrible (even by 80s Italian horror movie standards), the zombies are some of the most unthreatening I've ever seen, and there are some boring stretches in the middle. But it's very gory, very ridiculous, and very entertaining. Would recommend.

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