Satantango ★★★★★

Yes, I rewatched it.
Yes, it is 100% my favorite film of all time now.
I loved it so much more on rewatch, I found out so much that I missed on the first watch. And I found that I missed a ton, for reasons I will get to later.
There is so much to unpack, I can't begin to understand this film. But I can try, and I can appreciate it's beauty.
This film is beautiful, in a disgusting way. The atmosphere is the exact opposite of inviting, and yet it interested me the whole time. This film takes it's time to build the atmosphere, and it works so god damn well, by the end you legitimately feel like you live there.
There are some absolutely incredible monologues here, namely Irimias's speech. He's one of the greatest characters ever written. All the characters in this film are phenomenal, you really get to know and remember them in this film. The cinematography is an absolute spectacle that I think is just unmatched, the visuals are incredible.
This film really shows how terrible and dirty humanity can be. I mean the whole film is quite literally dirty, but also all the characters are constantly betraying each other, and that cat scene??!! Holy shit, that whole part sent chills down my spine. It's so disturbing but incredible at the same time, it seriously shows what living in this kind of situation can do to people, even little children.
The whole film is ridiculously dark and bleak, it's just super depressing and unbelievably nihilistic. I'm not a nihilistic person, but a lot of movies I like are very nihilistic. Especially this one.
There's even a slight bit of dark comedy, but it's almost impossible to actually get because it's as bleak as comedy can possibly be. I thought the whole bar dancing part was really funny though.
From the opening shot of the cows, this film surprisingly keeps me interested throughout the entire 7.5 hours runtime. It's extremely consistent. Also, the opening shot with the cows is absolutely amazing.
I don't really like getting personal on Letterboxd, it always just doesn't feel right for me to do, but I have to talk about this.
The day I started watching this film was also the day my family found out that my dog had cancer (this was in February). We were told she would only last a few months, but within a few days she physically couldn't eat or drink anything, and she was extremely sick. So she peacefully died about a week after she was diagnosed. This all happened on the same week that I first watched Satantango. I was not in the right frame of mind at the time, especially not for a movie like this. So I kinda didn't really pay much attention, and appreciated the film for what it was. I was just to distracted with everything going on.
But now I see this film in a whole new light. There's so much to unpack and I can't wait to analyze it more.
Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did, this film means a lot to me.

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