Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★

So I do think people are slightly overreacting about this film. It definitely isn't the worst thing ever.
But it does suck
The reason I'm rating it 2 stars instead of anything lower is because the performances are relatively good. There is some pretty good emotion. Unfortunately, even with the well done emotional acting, the writing just doesn't work. Instead of actually feeling for these characters emotionally, which is clearly what was meant to happen, we just see two people arguing. They don't feel like real humans, only caricatures. It's all very bland and the characters possess no unique qualities whatsoever.
Also, this movie is just one of the most pretentious pieces of shit I've ever seen. It's black and white simply for the sake of being black and white, and while it does make for some pretty interesting shots, it just feels like it's trying way to hard to use the black and white for artistic purposes, like in La Haine or The Lighthouse. But, it isn't artistic, so it doesn't work at all.
To sum everything up, the performances and cinematography are good, but the writing is very bland and it tries way to hard to be artistic, and it simply comes off as pretentious.

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