Halloween ★★★★½

Ok but I hate how Laurie stabs Michael with the knitting needle and then just assumes that he's dead, and DROPS THE KNIFE ON THE GROUND instead of making sure he's dead or at least keeping the damn knife on her.
Then she goes upstairs and gets attacked by him AGAIN. She stabs him with a cloth hanger and then stabs him in the shoulder with the knife. Once again she just assumes he's dead, and THROWS THE KNIFE UNDER THE BED. LITERALLY JUST STAB HIM IN THE FACE TO MAKE SURE HE'S DEAD.
But yeah this film is incredible, the real start to the slasher sub genre which I'm really not a fan of, I absolutely hate the Friday the 13th movies, but this one is just a classic. For being about a lunatic going around killing teenagers, this film is so chill and cozy, laying down wrapped in blankets and eating candy while watching this on the day before Halloween is just amazing (I mean it would be better on Halloween day but I'll be busy lol). So yeah this is maybe like, the most entertaining film ever made ngl.

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