Scream ★★★

I gotta admit— with Wes and Kevin not in the director and writer’s chairs— and especially by the time that fuckin’ awful trailer rolled around: I really wasn’t looking forward to the new SCREAM

and that’s a fuckin’ shame— ‘cause I love the SCREAM movies! the first one was one of the first movies that really got me into horror as a teen (speaking of teens— I’m gonna go ahead and shoutout the absolutely weirdo ones behind me the whole movie: not even yall could ruin this for me)— and I think each of the movies has its own unique merits— but this new one was looking like it was gonna go down the path of the HALLOWEEN reboots as a super serious followup rather than something a lot more fun

thankfully— it was just a lotta bad hype— ‘cause the new SCREAM is ABSOLUTELY fun: if not necessarily an amazing movie

yeah— if there’s anything I can say about SCREAM— it’s that it’s a really fuckin’ fun time at the movies— I’m genuinely so happy to just see a fun slasher on the big screen again: that alone’s worth the price of admission

it’s just the script that mostly lets the movie down: but we’ll get to that later

for now— why not start with the performances

I gotta say it— after this and IN THE HEIGHTS— I can confidently say the girl playing Sam just isn’t cut out for acting— if it’s not her Gal Gadot levels of dead acting it’s the absolutely expressionless dead face that God must’ve thought was a really funny prank: sorry girlie!

frankly a lotta the new cast isn’t great— the script’s already melodramatic (and not in a good way) enough— but couple that with some really goofy choices every now and then that just rarely pay off and it all really piles up

thankfully— all the returning actors are really fuckin’ great— with basically all of ‘em revolving around the best and most genuinely emotional moments in the movie

speaking of which: let’s talk about that script

I kinda both love and hate what it tries to do here

it does that thing where like it’s super self-aware (even by SCREAM standards) where they acknowledge they’re copying the original and— more often than not— they… don’t… really do anything about it?

like— okay— so this movie tries to cover a LOT of targets— some of ‘em work and some of ‘em don’t (speaking of that melodrama— there’s one questionable recurring aspect in this ripped right out of a cheesy soap opera— and sometimes the cheese works— but they fly too close to the sun and get burned more often than not)— but I’d say the main ones are “elevated horror” and toxic fandoms

the first one— I’m gonna be honest— they should’ve just cut out entirely— it’s a big swing and they just completely fuckin’ whiff it— bringing it up from the beginning, lightly touching on it throughout in all the wrong ways, and then just using it as a punching bag to say “horror’s not as good as it once was” but thinking they make up for it by attaching this mindset to toxic people— too bad that doesn’t actually fix anything: your first clue that this theme isn’t gonna work is the fact that they unironically use the term that no fan actually uses— “elevated horror”— in the first place

the other is toxic fandoms— this one they do a little better— as it actually ties into the main theming of the movie (y’know— once it actually manifests by— like— Act 3)

I won’t say they do this perfectly either— as it does lead to both a lotta just replication of stuff from the first movie and a lotta stupid logic and inconsistencies— and maybe most egregiously of all it totally does that thing where “just because you point out the flaws in something doesn’t mean you can do that same thing” that I hate so much— but I think it’s mostly saved because they idea itself is solid and it does make for an interestingly modern read on the SCREAM franchise, modern horror, and just our “requel” obsessed movie landscape as a whole right now

and plus— like I said— in spite of all these criticisms— it’s still a fuckin’ fun movie: great kills, some funny gags, and just an overall satisfying flick

it’s just less of a scream and more of an “aaaaa”

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