Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★

I gotta say— now having seen all 3 films as a whole picture: everything really did lead up to this one

I’m pretty confident saying 1666 is the best of the FEAR STREET trilogy— it has an incredibly distinct opening setting from the other films that works so well not only as solid genre fare taking plenty of cues from something like THE CRUCIBLE without ever getting too deep like THE WITCH and supplementing some rad gore but also without all of THOSE FUCKING NEEDLE DROPS like my god this film just feels like it can fuckin’ breathe so much more and— lo and behold— the score’s fuckin’ great! other than that— everything is else is pretty solid here too— the story, the characters, and especially the twists in the plots: I was genuinely surprised!

same goes for the second half— 1994 PART 2 (it’s shot really well and has genuine stakes and even the needle drops work better)— and I think the two of them actually work pretty well together hand-in-hand all things together— if anything it just really shows how much more pointless 1978 was since it doesn’t really advance the main story too much— which really is the central romance and how it’s essentially transcended across time against bigotry

I mean— that’s definitely just me TRYING to give some added depth to what’s ultimately a schlockily glorified excuse to split up a single longer movie that’s in need of some better writing— but for what it’s worth— I actually had a lotta fun watching this in parts— can’t say how I would’ve felt watching it weekly— but hey: I had fun!

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