Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★★½

A love letter to everything spider-man

When all the hype started building up, I was skeptical that they would do too much in order to cater to the batshit crazy MCU fanbase but I was gladly proven wrong. Although this movie is loaded with so much, it’s probably the best arc for Tom’s Spidey yet. This is the first time we actually see him at his lowest, everything else in those previous two films feel so inconsequential compared to what he goes through in this and faces severe consequences for his actions. Even though this does suffer from the colorless cinematography from most MCU movies, there’s actually a handful of shots I do find quite appealing, which is sadly saying a lot for a MCU movie. Also really liked how it doesn’t really rely on the MCU as much as the previous two movies, it’s really only name drops + doctor strange which was much needed after far from home. Can’t say too much more without spoiling it, I kinda have to tippy toe around most of the plot but it just brought a big gaping grin to my face as a huge spider-man fan.

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