The Shining

The Shining ★★½

"Who else would I be?"

"Just another Halloween mask."

Floating 90's Tony looks like Matthew Modine. You play ball like a girl, Tony. This 3 parter was tough to get through. It took me a week. Admittedly, I've been busy.

The boiler that is everyone of us,, that is on the verge of exploding at any second. An alcoholic. Numb and unable to write. Malcontent and ashamed of his inadequacies. Incapable of functional love for his family. Haunted by the cycle of abuse.
A little close to home there.

"Honesty in all our affairs."

TV and TV movies are fucking icky in general. The darkest ABC ever got was Twin Peaks and this miniseries(?) is that special late 90's TV fuckery that just makes you want to murder. Disney owned ABC by this point and there's broadcast S & P politics and major compromising that takes place here that just boggles my mind.

That said, Jack losing it is a sight to behold. The final act has so much of note that I won't even attempt to spread the jam on the toast. The words 'pup' and 'medicine' will always be associated with King after watching this. It's genuinely unsettling in it's implications. It works on your psyche a bit.

TV 'The Shining' is a real bloated affair. But goddamn does Steven Weber go off the train tracks. He's just a mortal man. A TV actor in a TV movie. But he's trying so fucking hard. And this is entertaining. If you took out all the Overlook ghost in their goofy make up and scratched the cartoon topiary lions you could almost forgive the runtime and the sentimental cringe at the end.

The incredible weight of the story can be felt in between the TV vibes. Unfortunately there in abundance at 4 1/2 hours. Did you know Mick Garris was in a band for 8 years? Check them out on Spotify. Haha. It's all by the numbers for the most part. Rm. 217 is occupied by Mick's wife and she is very goopy. Love them eyes.

I am trying so hard to spare you the novel I was going to write for this in hopes you'll comb through this already lengthy review. The issues with Jack and his father (played by an uncredited Miguel Ferrer) are fantastic. It's my favorite element to this version. The major attack is fish lipped Danny. He does okay. People hate him, but he does okay, I think. The 800 foot tall, leviathan that is Kubrick's masterwork lumbers about over this and cast an embarrassingly dark shadow upon it, threatening to devour it at any moment.

King is no joke. His writing isn't to be fucked with. But pride is fucking with him here. He may write like the wind blows but he's not able to objectively view this adaptation. He adores this thing. And that's nice for him. I like to imagine him and Mick holding hands and running across a grassy field being chased by silly bush Critters. I bet ol' Steve was so proud of that last line and how, for him, it fully encapsulated the warm feeling he so desperately desired for his creation. But the Shining is a dish best served cold.

"That's what I been missin'."

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