The Exorcist III

The Exorcist III ★★★★★

Endlessly quotable. The dark energy pulsing throughout is pure opacity. Blatty is supercharged with a million negative ions. His veracity and ability is undeniable. A Gemini killer of a storyteller. Heaven undone.

Stainless steel, spring activated super scissors from hell are genuinely threatening. Every scene has something to offer. If it's B horror, it's the best B horror ever. The whispering. The growling. Fearless filmmaking.

Mixing a noire crime thriller right into the thick stew of the original Exorcist is balls. Perfect pacing and perfect acting. The atmosphere is as dense as a redwood in the forest at night.

It is difficult to be bold, blasphemous and authentic. Blatty is grand slamming this. The supporting cast is heaven sent. Scott deserved a dignified award for this performance. Fuck the system.

The old bitch with the bun, Mrs. Clelia, sends frost up my vertebrae. She's a hard nosed, satanic ceiling crawler.

The cup runneth over. I can't say enough about Scott Wilson as Dr. Temple with his cigarettes. And that giant picture of himself on the wall.

George C. Scott is a gift to all mankind. He could make a room full of adults sit down with a word.

Jason Miller is a fucking juggernaut. The lines he delivers are obsidian and Satan's promise. It's at a whisper all the time. He is Legion.

Brad Dourif's work here is the greatest thing since sliced bread. His tear coated eyes, cheek and deep voice are sensational. My favorite performance of his against a strong resume.

"Oh, a few boos from the gallery I see."

I could wax intellectual and spiritual on this until the end of time. But I'll spare you. I'm blinded by love on this one. But it's god damned perfect. The illumination pouring through the padded room windows.

"...while I rip and cut! and mutilate the innocent! his friends! And again and again! and on and on! He is inside with us!! He will never get away!! His pain won't end!"

The old people in this are as terrifying as old people can be. It turned me off old people, almost permanently. Nancy Fish is perfectly cast as the nurse. She sells it. No one else would've been able to stand their ground with Scott. She is a bad ass.

"Enter night. This time you're going to lose."

I prefer the theatrical cut of Nightbreed and The Exorcist III. Sue me. They're what I fell in love with. Sometimes you can't go back. We don't always get second chances. I'll forever live in a room of cobras. Little orisons creeping up my spine. Sweaty murmurs.

"You robber of life, you author of pain."

This is the liturgical chant of my young story and I will be damned to hell if this isn't what good films are made of. The body of christ. A nurse in a red cardigan getting her head removed with super scissors. Headless Jesus. Sound design to end all sound design. Catholic rosaries. Screams.

"The pressure of inimitable me."

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