Sleepwalkers ★★★★

"Sleep'walk'er n. Nomadic shape-shifting creatures with human and feline origins. Vulnerable to the deadly scratch of the cat. the sleepwalker feeds upon the life-force of virginal human females.
Probable source of the vampire legend."


Mick Garris' best film. It could have been set in the 50's for certain. "Don't swear mother." The steel guitar makes quite the impression. All hail Santo & Johnny.

King's nutso screenplay is classic King weirdness and good enough for me. Sleepwalkers hiding in human robes. Feeding on virtue. Loving to feed. Feeding to breed.

"In the end, Robbie and his mother always had to run. For one night, the men would come in their old cars... Men with lights and guns. And to the boy and his mother... their curses and their screams of rage always sound the same. Like the laughter of cruel gods. The time of happiness too brief to be anything but golden, had run out."

Extremely quotable throughout in it's bipolar, bipedal frenzy. Switching from tone poem to laugh riot in a see saw sway. Charles Brady goes from loverboy to standup comedian in the pull of a string. His hairless Cat Vamp antics and overall character is pitch perfect. "Your mom's going to want to know some rubbing went on out here". This review could literally be nothing but quotes.

Sleepwalkers looks gorgeous and has a wonderful cast. Quite a few friends had Steve-O and Garris' back on this one too. Hamill, Hooper, Barker, Landis and Dante all just casually pop up. This really does feel confident and rock n' roll.

"Do you really feel alone like the characters in your story?"

Some might draw the line at "cop kebab" but I love it. The day light sky has never looked better. The whole scene at Homeland Cemetery is just 100% pure. The practical effects on bloody Brian Krause with the bright blue sky. It's radiant.

I've said too much already. I love the mother/son relationship and I find all the humor a live action cartoon. The dimming and shapeshifting. Their powers aren't explained and I don't think they need to be. It's all gaga. Charles dancing with Tanya is a sight to behold. Alice Krige is very frightening. A confident and sociopathic performance.

It's all magnificent. Don't fuck with cats.

Boadicea by Enya

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