Malignant ★★★★½

⅃ ⅃ Ǝ H OT Ǝ M O Ɔ ⅃ Ǝ W

"He's broadcasting his thoughts!"

As soon as the opening credits started to slice in and the music began I got a wonderful feeling. I legitimately had no idea what was coming. I just knew audiences were divided. My only nitpick is the events intended to appeal to my emotions did not. I just wasn't in a caring mood. But I don't think Wan cared if I cared either. He was on some other shit.

It felt very Wan-esque, post opener. He loves his establishing house shot (repeatedly) soaked in a low lying cloud. He loves a slow zoom. The film's set up and first hour is all something we've seen before. My brain was making strange connections. Brainscan and Hideaway came to mind.

Early in and throughout, pinks and blues are at play, mixed with visible aerosol or passing through a raincoated window pane. Watching Inferno, just recently, I was in that headspace. The score was electrifying. They could've twisted up that amp knob in a couple more scenes. When they went to Silvercup was the only time I found the volume appropriate.

Annabelle Wallis' big, expressive eyes came off the screen and screamed. With the brunette wig she genuinely reminded me of several actresses but Jessica Harper was the first to come to mind.

The trench coat was sleek and beautiful. Wan can create a unique character with style to spare. The literal award goes to anyone who crosses Gabriel. To craft a weapon that doesn't underwhelm an audience these days is rare. Wan had me locked in his gaze. I was seduced by this film's second half. The bigger my grin grew and the more I started to cackle, I realized I was surprised by joy. I was falling in love with Mr. Wan for the first time, truly.

So many broad strokes and thinly painted details that reflected pure love for the genre. When this became a women-in-prison film for a moment I was elated. I was tipped over the edge to full climax. I felt like a kid again and that's rare, at least in the theater. I had perma-grin for the rest of the film. My face hurt.

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