Let Me In

Let Me In ★★

This is the upside down cross I'll die on. Remake Fever. I'm tired. I'm on overtime and I'll admit I'd like to say what I think about this one. I've grown quite fond of sharing my thoughts here. But there's no time to compare and contrast proper this evening.

Simply stated: Just watch the original. This remake is the product of a machine. Matt Reeves is a solid mainstream director and on his way up he did this tale a diservice. Almost any hired gun would've.

I like his monkey movies quite a bit but I didn't see him respecting the source material here and I think it was a paycheck for him. This is a different kind of feces than say, 'Priest', because that is obviously shite. This remake with it's generic title seems to fool many into thinking it holds an air of legitimacy. It doesn't.

It didn't have the balls to stand behind it's uncomfortable source material. I wanted to just dog it and give it a halfer. But I know it's unfair to the actors and crew. It was a job. And they weren't trying to ruin anyones day. They're making movies. I get it. But I still kind of hate this exist.

Minimal knowledge can be extracted from this telling. And don't let anyone tell you this CG riddled poser was a serviceable remake. This is what exploitation production companies did in reverse. They shined this up and cut it's balls off. But I can promise this: They'll hide the mutilated crotch because their scared they'll lose a buck. I won't list them but Hollywood was the land of rape and remake in the new millennium and I think they'll rape a few more before it's over.

I was suppose to crash 45 minutes ago. Sorry for the rant. But I promised I'd get weird for October so here it is. Me breaking out of my comfort zone. Raw rant mode. Goodnight you freaks.

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