Halloween ★★★★★

"Hey, jerk! Speed kills!!"

I could write some babysitter murder poetry or a love letter to ol' John T. Chance. But tonight I'm entitled to one good scare, and I'm just going to enjoy this.

I like regular cinema geeks too. But the amoebas I'm floating towards are spooky kids. We are the weirdos. Not just for Halloween. Every single person I've met on here, interacted with, and befriended is a strange and unique individual.

We need to keep it as real as we can here. I love you guys. Let your guards down and let the bonding commence. I personally haven't spoken in 15 years. I will distribute thorazine before commenting. Happy Halloween! 🎃

"It was the boogeyman."

"As a matter of fact, it was."

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