Bullitt ★★★★

Just a great action/police procedural, Bullitt features Steve McQueen as the ultra-cool Frank Bullitt. He's a man with his own moral code who won't be bullied by politician or superior.

A politician on the make, Senator Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn), wants Bullitt to "babysit" his star witness until Monday morning when he'll appear before the grand jury. His star witness is going to testify against the Mafia. One of Bullitt's partners takes the first shift—they're holed up in a cheap motel—and a mafioso comes in and shoots the cop and the witness with a sawed-off shotgun.

Both men are rushed to the hospital. Bullitt arrives—and not long after so does Chalmers. Chalmers makes it clear that if his star witness dies he's going to crucify Buillitt for his "incompetence." Bullitt makes it clear that there must have been a leak in Chalmers's team, because the hitman knew exactly where to find the witness.

Bullitt then begins to investigate, all while Chalmers is breathing down his neck and making threats.

I love the look of Bullitt; it's like taking a ride in a time machine back to 1968. I love the clothes, the cars, the interior design—everything.

It's also just a great police procedural. There's a lot of "down time," and Bullitt and his partner often mumble to each other. It gives the movie a very realistic feel. Not every moment of police work would be a shootout or a car chase; sometimes it would just be going through a suitcase and making an inventory of the contents.

However, when the action scenes happen they're quite thrilling. Many people remember the car chase in Bullitt for good reason. It's one of the best.

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