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  • Brazil
  • The Dog Who Stopped the War
  • Fortress
  • Game Over

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  • It's a Bundyful Life

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas


  • Guess Who's Coming for Christmas?


  • The Brain


Recent reviews

  • Round About Midnight

    Round About Midnight


    I regard Round About Midnight, a 1999 Japanese Tokyo-set neo-noir thriller, as a highly enjoyable concoction of the '80s flicks Into the Night (1985), After Hours (1985), and Round Midnight (1986). This 110-minute hidden gem is one of my favorite recent discoveries, and it will always feel apt to revisit between 10pm and midnight. The fact that the protagonist, a jazz musician, carries his trumpet throughout most of his "one crazy night" adventure is a very cool touch.

  • Massarati and the Brain

    Massarati and the Brain


    In this 1982 made-for-TV action-comedy, Christopher "Mr. Belvedere" Hewett plays a butler named Anatole who makes the ammo for a gun that fires Swedish meatballs, devised by a boy genius nicknamed "The Brain" (Peter Billingsley) so that his secret agent uncle, Mas Massarati, can easily distract guard dogs. Worth watching if you're a child of the '80s in need of a good laugh.

Popular reviews

  • Hack-O-Lantern



    "It's only a dummy, dummy! Happy Halloween!"

    It appears that Mother Nature won't permit us to put out our dummies and fog machines this year. Bummer. I can still watch 31-year-old Halloween-set straight-to-video slashers as a way to tune out the sound of ceaseless Halloween rain.

    I would say that Hack-O-Lantern is exactly what I needed after straying from the '80s path for 30 days. This flick did the trick; it's a fun little '80s treat.

  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    One two three... hail T.V.
    Watching Dirty Harry made a man of me
    Here I stand, T.V. man
    I've got all the angels eating out of my hand...
    I got the good, bad and ugly traits
    But even Dirty Harry was allowed to make mistakes...
    (chorus from The Bolshoi's amusing 1987 single "T.V. Man")

    I can remember catching the opening scene of Dirty Harry (1971) on TV as a kid one Sunday afternoon in the early '90s and being somewhat…