Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

even though all the elements of wes anderson films should logically appeal to my sensibilities (i love his clear film inspirations, yellow, symmetrical and flat space shots, willem dafoe, 60's-70's pop music), i'm lowkey a hater and i can't explain why...but fantastic mr. fox does NOT fall under the same umbrella

kinda the best movie ever. there's few movies aimed at children that i think work equally well on that demographic as well as adults, and this is one of them. nothing about it is hard to understand, but it doesn't talk down to its audience either. i've never known anyone to not love it and keep it stored in a figurative mason jar placed atop a shelf in their heart

feels good to revisit it :D also i must mention mr. fox's whistle clicky trademark thing being borrowed from hawkeye pierce (MASH 1970 version) because it makes me insanely happy

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