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  • Donnie Darko
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Inland Empire
  • The Holy Mountain

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  • Love God

    Love God


    | In short: Prehistoric cyclopean flatworm monsters that engorge human genitals as part of the Religious Parasitic Co-Evolution scour the NYC sewers with an insatiable desire for collecting iridescent items. A chronic reading syndrome suffering protagonist living in a love hotel, bubble gum merzbau, a balaclava bro tourette roommate, “whiskey make me horny”/aspiring sex surrogate “oops too much stimulant” administering psychiatry, an OCD mother-daughter crime scene cleanup duo, a (self) mutilating Kali incarnate (hopeful) hooker remodeling a public toilet temple…

  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage


    “Sometimes I can see completely. Sometimes everything glows with a different kind of light. I can touch an object and listen to the sound of its color. I can hear voices and music in the flicker of a match. I can look into a mirror and see a thousand different faces staring back at me. I can turn night into day or watch the darkness shine, and I don't even have to open my eyes.
    -You're on drugs, right?

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  • Medusa Deluxe

    Medusa Deluxe


    | In short: Prepare to surf a non-stop cascade of quotable gossip quips while the camera water waves weariness, double weaves fragility with realness, and braids humor into strains of idiosyncratic morbidity. Thomas Hardiman’s debut jingle-jangles desire, drama and trauma into a multitude of tangled angles, while he power blow(drie)s new life into this neigh bloodless genre.
    Equal parts shallow/intimate, this Maniac antithesis is easily my favorite murder mystery.

    | This movie teaches us: Hairdresser students don't survive car explosions.…

  • Devil's Express

    Devil's Express


    Hooptober X
    #6 {1/3 Satan/Devil centered films}
    ~Wednesday Weirdness 6~

    | In short: A sideburns sporting dude called Seafood slapping serpents while in a semi-conscious state never looked this good!
    Some context; he’s forced to snake slap in self defense because his asshat of a BFF who was supposed to protect him, elected to wander off and go relic hunting with a five finger discount. Kleptomania is a hobby with consequences. This time around those involve; a Chinese subway stalker…

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