Bumblebee ★★★★

Ya yknow I have range and i’m not gonna just report **films** lol. Love a good action CGI movie w a corny catchy nostalgic soundtrack. It’s kinda fun to see this movie retrospectively responding to the severe and classic male gaze-y era of sexy megan fox by joining the new wave of putting women in protag action roles. Like ok ya women can be badass too and not over sexualized, got it thank u. 

Honestly I think blunt hyper masc male gaze-y sexy women movies have their own merit as a product of their own times and maybe more enjoyable now bc they are so...passé? I enjoy being sutured into the male gaze when i’m aware of its dumb hedonism, bc dumb hedonism feels good. 

Anyways back to bumblebee, it was cute but prob will never watch again. It seems to be riding off the back of guardians of the galaxy, a movie I’d def rewatch lol