Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

The Good:

What I appreciate most about this franchise is how each film is unique. Instead of just repeating the same thing over and over, each movie switches up the tone from the previous movie. Sam Raimi’s personality is more on display here so you have the horror and gore, but you also have some slapstick and funny moments. I forgot how hilarious this movie is with the one liners and the three stooges humor. You also fully get to see Ash as we know him for the first time here. In the original Evil Dead, Ash is there, but he doesn’t really have the same personality or charisma as the later movies. Like all great sequels, this movie also expands the mythology in interesting ways by having the book of the dead summoning portals and playing a larger role. Overall, this is probably the Evil Dead movie I rewatch the most. 

The Bad:

The big problem that annoys me about this movie is the way they tried to make it a reboot. When it summarizes the events of the first film but in a different way it has always bothered me for some reason and makes the other characters from the original besides Ash and Linda feel obsolete. Second, the first half hour before the archeologists get to the cabin feels unfocused. It just summarizes the first movie for ten minutes and then has Ash running around in the cabin for another twenty minutes. Finally, and this might be a cheap shot but a lot of the effects haven’t aged well.

Overall, a sequel that is definitely worth watching and is better than the original in my opinion.

Quality: A-
Entertainment: 8/10