Shame ★★★★½

Shame: It's a feeling of humiliation, one that you believe you deserve. One that you believe you've caused directly. The way you acted, what you was wrong. It was unbecoming of you, of a person.

It doesn't mean you won't do it again.

Maybe the humiliation is that you know you will?

Steve McQueen's Shame is a tour de force for both director and performer. Fassbender's Brandon is the key focus of the film, a man with an all consuming sex addiction that is neither sexy nor glamorous. Brandon's complex relationship with his sister, Sissy, is a secondary focus, but somewhere within lies a key to Brandon's emotional state.

As the story develops we see Brandon and Sissy in juxtaposed emotional states; Brandon is terrified of intimacy, far more comfortable with a prostitute than he is on a date with beautiful co-worker. Sissy chases intimacy everywhere, clinging to the slightest connection and allowing herself to be used to attain it.

Are they both victims of a terrible happening in the past or are they simply two sides of the same disconnected coin in a cold world? The truth is never explicit, but remains devastating.

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