The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

a picture with a smile - and perhaps, a tear.

there couldn’t be a better summary for such a beautiful, humorous and heartwarming film. charlie chaplin’s work is really starting to grow on me. i remember when i first watched his movies and didn’t even enjoy them half as much because i had some struggles with silent films in general, but with every chaplin film my admiration for his achievements and my love for his stories grow. 
chaplin manages to put a smile on my face, a laugh in my throat, and tears in my eyes from one second to the next. the story is unbelievably heartwarming, and is supported by very impressive performances and some masterful staging and blocking. i also really liked the editing and the way different storylines were interwoven! not to mention the jokes and gags that were beautifully placed so as to evoke laughter just at the right times and to not ruin any of the dramatic elements. 
chaplin added a soundtrack to this film in 1972, and it really is what i adore the most about this movie (like with the gold rush). the score once again adds a whole new dimension to an already extraordinary tale, and again, it feels like there’s already a whole story behind the music, its intelligent rhythms, heartfelt melodies and brilliant instrumentation. 
couldn’t recommend this more, and it’s less than an hour long, so a perfect weeknight watch that leaves you with joy and warmth. (available on youtube!)

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