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  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Kwaidan
  • Paris, Texas
  • Spider-Man

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  • Year One


  • Mobile Suit Gundam


  • Windfall

  • Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America


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  • Year One

    Year One


    Not since Ben Hur has an epic of such biblical proportions been created

  • Windfall


    What a relaxing lil kidnapping sesh 

    Love the idea but the characters are not compelling enough to keep it going or tbh even get it started. Sloppy writing and acting 

    Also anyone noticing how modern cinematography is becoming so bland. It’s too clean, it’s too nicely lit, where’s the motivation. Show me something grimy PLEASE

Popular reviews

  • Blonde



    My GOD I did not like this film

    This has some of the worst acting I’ve seen all year (although Adrien Brody was a glimmer of hope) The cinematography is a hodge podge of stolen ideas. Absolutely nothing wrong with stealing but this has no coherence or link to the themes of the film. The themes of which are so thrown in your face in the bluntly written dialogue and rarely dealt with visually. 


  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    The film is full of everyday moments and feelings that I completely forgot existed. That last hour floored me emotionally.

    Watching this reminded me of my first time watching Ozu. There’s such confidence in the filmmaking but I feel it’s gonna take a few tries to fully appreciate everything going on in this film

    Oh and this is the most quietly well shot film I’ve seen in ages