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  • Wild Style
  • Style Wars
  • Beat Street
  • Krush Groove

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  • Halloween Kills


  • Titane


  • Malignant


  • Prisoners of the Ghostland


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  • Werewolves Within

    Werewolves Within

    A bunch of unfunny assholes yelling at each other.

  • Malignant


    Storywise, it’s a good ride, so that’s enough to carry this mess.

    The first 2/3s is like a car crash of ideas and visuals, where it’s a red-bathed giallo one minute and then a Spielberg 80s creepout and then a nu-metal torture porn cop thing. The Ring, Darkman, Firestarter, throw it all in there. Why would a cell phone get inference like an old computer monitor? Do all houses in Seattle have giant industrial fans in the attic? Why’d they make the bad guy look like the guitarist from Slipknot?